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Flaxseed French Toast

Just popping on here with a super simple french toast recipe.

All you need is some vegan bread, non-dairy milk, and flaxseed meal.


  • High in Omega-3s, good for eye health, preventing heart disease, chronic inflammation, anxiety, and brain health.

  • Source of dietary fiber, good for the heart, digestion, and cholesterol.

  • Source of lignans, a plant compound with antioxidant properties.

  • Can be found in the healthy section of most major grocery stores, or purchased online. For this recipe I used Bob's Red Mill Whole Ground Flaxseed Meal.


Depending on the size of your bread slices and how many you're making, you can adjust as needed. I completely eye it, but this is a good starting point:

  • 1/4 c vegan milk (almond, oat, cashew, soy, the possibilities are endless)

  • 2 tsp flaxseed meal

  • dash of cinnamon (optional)

  • dash of nutmeg (optional)

  • dash of almond extract (you can use vanilla or omit too)


  1. Add all ingredients into a bowl and stir up.

  2. Heat up a pan big enough for your bread slices. Once hot, add a bit of vegan butter and coat the pan.

  3. Dip a slice of bread into your mixture enough to lightly coat, then flip and coat the other side. Be careful how much mixture soaks into the bread - if it gets too soggy it won't cook that well.

  4. Place the slices on the hot buttered pan. Let them cook, checking every few minutes. When it's browned to your liking, flip and repeat.

  5. Once the other side is browned to your liking, remove, plate, and get fancy.

I always add fresh fruit. I do a drizzle of date nectar - D'vash is a good one.

When I'm feeling really fancy I add Lekkco Blegian Dark Chocolate Spread, which is TO. DIE. FOR.

Well, that's all folks! It couldn't get any easier than that. Happy cooking!


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