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Easy Vegan Jalapeño Popper Egg Rolls

This recipe is SO EASY, and a perfect appetizer for a party or game day. Even your non-vegan friends will enjoy these!

Vegan jalapeno popper egg rolls
Vegan jalapeño popper egg rolls.


  • Vegan cream cheese (I used Kite Hill brand, but you can even make your own!)

  • Vegan egg roll wraps (I used Nasoya brand)

  • Whole jalapeno peppers

  • Filling add-ins, if desired (vegan cheese shreds, diced green onions, spices, etc.)

Depending on the size of your jalapenos and how many you plan to make, you may use a full container of vegan cream cheese or just half. I only had 4 big peppers which I cut in half to make smaller sizes, and only used about half of an 8 oz container of Kite Hill Original Cream Cheese. I also mixed Bitchin' sauce into the cream cheese. If you've never had Bitchin' sauce, stop what you are doing and go to the store immediately.


1. Cut the tops off of your jalapeño peppers. You can also cut off the bottoms, I like to keep them as it is easier to fill with cream cheese without too much spillage. My peppers were big so I also cut them in half to create smaller bites.

2. Using a small knife, insert through the top of the pepper and carefully scrape out the seeds and insides.

3. Rinse your peppers really well and allow them to dry.

4. In a bowl, add your cream cheese. You can add whatever other fillings you want in your mixture, like spices, diced green onions, vegan cheese. I used a small scoop of Bitchin' Chipotle sauce and some diced green onions.

5. Mix it all up until it's a smooth consistency that will be easy to scoop into the peppers.

6. Take a spoonful of your cream cheese mix and start to fill your peppers. Once full, set aside. After all peppers are full, pull out your egg roll wraps.

7. Place one pepper on a single wrap, diagonally and more towards a corner than the center - this will be the corner you roll from.

8. Using your finger or a brush, wet each corner of the wrap to help it stick once rolled.

9. Take the corner your pepper is closest to and roll it towards and over the pepper, wrapping it, and starting to tuck the wrap around the pepper as you keep rolling. When you reach the end, make sure all corners are tucked.

10. I pan fried these, but you could certainly deep fry them or bake them as well. Heat a big pan over medium heat. Add a small amount of oil and then add your poppers. Once they start to get brown and crisp up, rotate them. Do this until all sides are slightly browned.

11. Allow your poppers to cool a little before serving.



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