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Cruelty Free Consumer Awareness.
Let's face it - without consumers, most businesses would not exist. That gives ordinary people like us the power to make or break companies. Unfortunately, so many companies have unethical business practices that cause cruelty to animals and harm the environment. By becoming mindful of this, we can use our consumer power for good and bring about some much needed change.


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From makeup and skincare, to hair and body care, learn how to shop cruelty free and avoid brands that test on or include animal-based ingredients.


Contrary to popular belief, eating vegan is not restrictive and can be very simple. Explore how you too can switch to a cruelty free kitchen.


Common household items may be tested on animals. Learn how to ditch and switch to vegan, sustainable, and cruelty free products.


Clothes and accessories can be made of animal products like leather and fur. But you do not have to sacrifice fashion to go vegan. Check out how.


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